Monday, March 6, 2017

Welcome to Richman Knows Tech

Hi everyone and welcome to Richman Knows Tech. I will be covering many different items of technology on this page with a main focus on the Amazon Fire TV Stick, FireTV and all Apple products including the iMac desktop series, Apple iPhones and MacBook Pro laptops.


  1. Hey Richman! Just stopping by to say hello and thanks for what you do! Love your videos and NO BS style!

  2. Could you please explain what causes buffering?

  3. I’m trying to upgrade a friends Firetv second generation. I am having a problem downloading zip files for the various add-on’s selected (Durex, Neptune Rising, etc.) I have done/checked the following.
    Reset the FTV to original condition.
    Installed Terrarium, Freeflix apks successfully.
    Installed Kodi 17.6 successfully.
    Turned on ADB bugging and Apps from unknown sources.
    Launch Kodi and follow the steps to “add source”
    I type in exactly as shown (name durex).
    I then migrate back to “Install from zip file”.
    The folder shows up.
    My issue is that there is nothing in the folder and clicking it kicks me back to the previous level.
    I have tried the same with several other zips with the same result.
    I have selected expert mode, uninstalled and redone the above several times with the same results.
    BTW- when I reconnect my own amazon firetv it works perfectly.
    Could there be something corrupted in the Android software.? Help!.

    1. Hmm looks like there’s a new URL. Try


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